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Fundraising Agreement

This contract is between KCC Fundraising and ____________________________________________(fundraising group). The purpose of this agreement is to secure a working relationship between both parties for the purpose of supplying product (coffee) to raise funds for the above-mentioned fundraising group.

  • KCC Fundraising will provide the fundraising group with a virtual platform to at no cost to the fundraising group.

  • The fundraising group will receive $5.00 for every bag of coffee sold and paid for.  KCC Fundraising does not pay in advance any future sales that may occur.

  • Any returned orders, re-deliveries, canceled order fees and cost may be deducted from the organization’s monthly earnings.

  • KCC Fundraising will ship all orders directly to the end user (customer) within the Continental US.

  • Any cost associated with any selling incentives that the fundraising group is offering will be the responsibility of the fundraising group. 

  • Earnings checks to the fundraising group will be mailed out by the 15th of each month for the funds raised in the prior month.

  • Monthly checks will continue to be sent out to the fundraising group as long as earnings are at or above $25. Any lower earnings will then be applied to the KCC Fundraising Charities Fund.

  • This fundraising agreement is for 12 months from the fundraiser start date. Any future fundraising payouts after the end of the agreement will stop unless the fundraising group launches a new fundraising campaign at any point before the end of the agreement and will roll into the new agreement. If the fundraising group chooses not to do a new campaign, any future monthly earnings will roll over to KCC Fundraising Charities Fund.

Signature below constitutes acceptance of the terms of this agreement

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