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Eaglecrest Marching Band

The band is in desperate need of new Marching Band uniforms.  The current uniforms are 14 years old and are in horrible shape (please know that the expected lifespan of a uniform is 8-10 years).  There are also not enough uniforms for the entire band.  The Percussion and Sousaphone sections have to wear a different "track suit" type of uniform that doesn't really match the rest of the band.  These students work so incredibly hard and no matter how hard they, or the wonderful booster organization, try the band never looks as good as they should.  New uniforms would mean the world to these wonderful kids.  They would feel a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment if we were able to purchase them.  The cost to outfit the entire band is nearly $18,000!  Eaglecrest and CCSD will  help with a large portion of that, but we're still left with about $1,750 to raise.  

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Mark Palmer


Thank you all for helping to support the Eaglecrest Marching Band!  This is my third year as a member of the saxophone section, and  I want to continue on and play in college at Duke, UVA, or Georgetown.  Please share my direct link with your friends, family, and coworkers to help us reach our goal.

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