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Giving back to the community one cup at a time.

Our Purpose

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To monetarily support programs focused on improving the lives of children by supporting their fundraising goals.

By partnering with KCC fundraising, an organization’s 4 week campaign will be able to generate an ongoing revenue stream from individual sales as well as monthly subscription packages. Your organization will receive a monthly check based on one-time and monthly subscription sales.

This makes for a style of fundraising which doesn't require events or on-the-spot selling, while allowing nonprofit organizations to generate revenue in a manner which can help them achieve their financial goals.

Register Your Organization


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It all starts with a representative from your organization filling out the registration form below to receive more information from KCC Fundraising.


Build Your

Community Page

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Once approved, your organization will be provided a customized microsite so that each participant has a place to begin promoting  their specific fundraiser.


Raise Funds for

Your Organization


For every 20oz bag of King's Coffee purchased through KCC Fundraising, organizations will receive $5 to go towards their campaign.

Our Goal

To provide schools, bands, clubs, youth groups, and more with an ongoing revenue stream.

KCC Fundraising is a better way to fund both profit and not-for-profit organizations while also giving back to the communities that our coffee is grown in.   With high-quality coffee from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, a portion of sales goes back into those communities to provide food, clothing, and education through The Children’s Hunger Fund.

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How We're Different

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A Fundraiser That Works 24/7/365

KCC Fundraising provides a monthly recurring revenue stream well after your campaign is over

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No Products to Stock or Distribute

Premium coffee is shipped directly to each customer's door, while also automating the subscription process

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The Simplicity of Online Ordering

No need to handle money or set up and work physical events to drive sales for your organization

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Great Coffee at Great Prices

Each bag of coffee beans comes with a satisfaction guarantee at a surprisingly low cost 

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Raised so far for our


KCC Fundraising is proud to assist schools, bands, clubs, youth groups, and more in helping to meet their financial needs.  

Start a Fundraiser

How Much Profit Could My Organization Raise

with a KCC Fundraiser?

Number of members participating in the fundraiser

Use our fundraising calculator below to see what your organization could project to make from your 4 week campaign.

Average number of customers each participant will enroll

Most groups set a goal of 5-15 customers per participant

Percent of customers that will sign up as monthly HERO subscribers

Most groups target 50% or more of their customers to be HERO subscribers

How long will your HEROES support your cause?

Studies have shown that subscribers of will stay for 6-12 months on average

3 Months



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